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unfortunately nothing good" for the children.The official said there were 200,000 children suffering from severe malnutrition in 2015, already one of the highest numbers in the world by then. Yet, the number has doub▓led in three years' time till now, according to Cappelaere.A▓cknowledging that the cholera outbreak in Yemen had

been stemmed and tha▓t a vaccination campaign against diphtheria had been conduc▓ted in the past two weeks, the official said health and humanitarian workers b▓oth in Yemen and from the international community "should

  • med hundreds of children's lives."Much more attention is nee
  • ded to (be paid to) the situation in Yemen. This has been righ
  • tly described as one o▓f the worst humanitarian crises the world ▓has ever known," Cap
  • pelaere told reporters.Yem

    en, alread▓y one of the poorest c

    ountries in the M▓iddle

    p▓ause for a moment to be proud" of these achievements."But let's not fool ourselves," Cappelae▓re

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    h the Hout

    added, warning a comeback of the cholera epide▓mic following the start of the rainy season in a few weeks. He called for "huge

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    and immediate investments" to prevent the possible outbreak.Furthe▓r elaborating on the worsening humani▓tarian situation in the war-t

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    orn country▓, Cappelaere said that close to 2 million Ye▓meni children are deprived of education, and that a large proportion of girls

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    are forced to ma▓rry at early ages -- 75 percent of them before the age ▓of 18 and half younger than 15."Sending your child to▓ beg, s

    s well
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